Grow Your Business EVERY MONTH Using LinkedIn

Grow Your Business EVERY MONTH Using LinkedIn   If you answer yes to either of the following questions then this article is for you: Are you responsible for generating sales? Do you need more leads for your business? Do you believe that LinkedIn is just for recruitment? Social Selling Social selling is about using your…

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Email Marketing – Is It Dead or Alive?

E-mail Marketing

Is Email Marketing Dead? In 2009, The Wall Street Journal published an article claiming that email was dead. They could not have benn more wrong . How can it be dead when 91% of consumers check their email daily  or even multiple times a day and the fact there are approximately 3.5 billion email accounts…

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Make The Time For Blogging


Blogging – It Just Makes Sense Many business owners see little benefit in spending the time to write weekly blogs. However, without doubt it is worth the time and effort. HubSpot’s  report “The 2013 State of Inbound Marketing” goes a long way to demonstrate the direct advantages of blogging including: 82% of marketers who blog…

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She Broke My Rule #1 On LinkedIn

The Rules Of LinkedIn

I Hate LinkedIn Zombies! Many of you will know that I am a huge fan of LinkedIn and the potential it offers when developing great relationships as well as attracting new business leads. But, this week I lost my cool when I received a LinkedIn message from a LinkedIn “zombie” [More about zombies later] Hang…

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Crush Your Blog Writing Demons: 3 FREE Tools To Ignite Your Creativity

Blog Writing Tools

In life you know as well as I that death is a certainty… and thinking about it often results in a whole range of emotions, I’m sure you’ll agree. Gloomy as this sounds it leads onto another certainty…that your blog will also experience a “death blow” at some point in the future….or it may be…

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Add Interactivity To Your Content With VideoPath

Interactive Video Creation With VideoPath App

What an awesome piece of kit…and its 100% FREE to use (at the time of this posting) But I’m getting ahead of myself and I can see you staring blankly at the screen thinking, what is VideoPath? Before I get into the nitty gritty it makes perfect sense for you to watch the video below…

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Achieve LinkedIn All-Star Status: 17 Point Checklist

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Are You A LinkedIn “Nobody?” With someone new joining LinkedIn every 2 seconds and the total number of LinkedIn users now surpassing the 300 million user mark, it’s no wonder so many entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to stand out above the competition on LinkedIn. On LinkedIn it’s really important to have a 100% complete…

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5 Million Minutes To Make A Difference

 It sounds like forever, but actually 5 million minutes is just under 10 years and at aged 52 I have give or take a few minutes, about 5 million minutes until retirement. Therefore like any business owner I need to start to prepare my business for when I want to retire. I need to use…

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Sorry I’ve Used The “C” Word

 I am sorry for using the “C” word, but I  always use the August Bank Holiday weekend to review my goals for the weeks running up to…yes Christmas, Ho, Ho, Ho! One of the goals every business owner should be setting is to maximise the number of people they engage with through social media networks.…

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Irresistable ??? Brings You Priceless Publicity

Free LinkedIn Training Course

Did you guess the answer right away? Not to worry if you didn’t…it’s revealed in the article below! A tried and tested method of generating website traffic which you can engage with is to give away irresistible free content – and not just once.   We believe in this so much we would even recommend…

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